Dedicated Craftsmanship

All the Lebeau-Courally luxury leather goods are designed and produced in our own ‘atelier du cuir’ in Vaux-Sous-Aubigny (near Dijon, in France). The workshop in the Haute-Marne became a hub for the best leather skilled artisans in the region. From cutting and sewing to sealing, embossing and finishing: everything is done in-house and by hand.

The story of pairing exclusive crafts and materials starts with the selection of the noblest and best of skins, without scars or ‘défaults’ to guarantee the impeccable quality that Lebeau-Courally is renowned for. It continues in the steady hands of our master crafts(wo)men who have spent several years to master the métier before they created their first ever leather piece. They sculpt, fold and shape the leather in accordance to the master design of every bag.