Designer Valentina Milloch

A few years ago, the Italian designer Valentina Milloch was offered a position as a senior designer for the Belgian luxury brand Lebeau-Courally, where she now pours her experience, research and know-how into creating stunning luxury goods.

“I really love the beautiful duality of Lebeau-Courally”, she explains. “The effortless blend of rare, traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design.” Milloch originally hails from Venice but has been living in Belgium for some time with her Belgian husband. She is held in very high esteem by the fashion industry. After training to become an industrial designer, she went to work for the ‘pelleteria di lusso’, the luxury leather goods industry, after graduating.

Valentina Milloch learnt the technical tricks of the trade when she started to delve deeper into the production process. “The lovely old ladies in the leather workshops explained everything to me, from A to Z. Thanks to them, I was able to gain an understanding of the most difficult techniques”, says Valentina. “After this initiation into their centuries-old expertise, I can now apply this traditional old craft in a new and relevant manner, in more contemporary designs.”

Valentina describes Lebeau-Courally’s style as follows: “Timeless, elegant and mature. And also: very self-confident, stylish, charming and highly contemporary. It is classical in a sense, in the simplicity of its lines, but it has far higher ambitions than a merely ‘retro’ image. The designs are contemporary, clean and functional, the dimensions surprising and sometimes quite simply glowing with feminine refinement and pleasant seductiveness. They are always restrained, always discreet: a pleasure to look at and a pleasure to own.”