To make the most of your hunting trips,
to enjoy nature and wildlife,
to live autumn life to the fullest:
add some beauty, zest and style
to your hunting season!

Sac à Bouteilles

Must-have leather carrier bag for 6 wine or liquor bottles. The most stylish and discrete way to take your favorite wine with you on your hunting trips.

Sac de Battue

This ‘Sac de battue’ is the perfect stylish bag for all your hunting gear, boots, hunting trophies and your dearest personal belongings.


For those with a tight schedule, with documents to sign or a laptop to consult, there’s always this great matching briefcase, made of quality canvas. It’s finished with exquisite maroon leather and embossed with the stylish Lebeau-Courally logo. Contains 2 front pockets with buckles and a flat back pocket. Yes, it can be personalized with your own initials!

Demi Housse Carabine

The most compact way to carry your big-game rifle is with the smart and stylish Lebeau-Courally ‘demi-housse’, a sleek protective cover for your disassembled rifle.

Cartouchière Anglaise Battue

Cartridge bag manufactured from sturdy leather and embossed with the Lebeau-Courally logo. Closes with a buckle.