On the occasion of the 9th Zoute Grand Prix, which will be held from 4 to 7 October this year, Lebeau-Courally is launching a special capsule collection, with a Grand Prix theme.

For aficionados of exclusive classic cars and modern dream cars – for people with a penchant for timeless design – we have designed these must-have ZGP luxury souvenirs:

€ 6.250,-

For the 5th time in a row, Lebeau-Courally issued an exclusive timepieces to pay homage to the heroes of this Grand Prix adventure: Le Baron ‘Zoute Grand Prix 2018 Edition’. With a watch face inspired by the beauty of classic race car clocks, this rare rendition of Le Baron will surely incite the rush of the grand days at the racetrack in their privileged owners.

ZGP Jumper Cables Bag

Practical and compact bag made of luxurious soft leather in the traditional Zoute Grand Prix colours. Includes high quality jumper cables. Neatly embossed with the ZGP logo. The perfect accessory for your capricious old timer.

ZGP Vehicle Documents Case

Luxurious leather pouch for organizing and safeguarding your car documents. Smooth, brandy coloured calfskin with subtle accents of red and black. Embossed with the traditional ZGP logo. The most essential accessory for the stylish driver.

ZGP Car Organizer

Universal practical pouch organizer to keep your car neat. Can be placed anywhere between seats and car console. Perfect storage for keys, phones, money of other paraphernalia. Made of the smoothest calfskin in traditional ZGP colours. Embossed with the ZGP logo.

The Zoute Grand Prix

The most notorious Belgian rally that can’t be missed by anyone with a true passion for classic cars must be the Zoute Grand Prix. The prestigious classic car event with an international reputation comprises a rally, an auction, an elegance contest and a car show of premium car brands, exhibiting their latest models and presenting their premieres.

The Zoute Grand Prix is organized each year with the support of the local administration and a number of loyal brands and car partners. Lebeau-Courally is one of them.

Are you in for some incomparable glamour, and amazingly brilliant car design? For the exciting sound of roaring engines? Would you like to be a part of the Zoute Grand Prix passion? Come join us and order your tickets here.

As the official time keeper of the Zoute Grand Prix, Lebeau-Courally not only launches a special ZGP watch each year, ‘Le Baron ZGP’, but a limited edition of leather accessories as well, perfect in all its details and made of the most beautiful calfskin. The newest edition was inspired by the black and white rally flags. Go and pre-order yourself one of the most wanted souvenirs of the ZGP!

ZGP Porte-clef maxi

Key holder with a leather strap made of black and white woven calfskin. Comes with a remarkable, playful detail in red leather and a chrome key ring.

Travel Tag

Handy and classy travel tag holder for suitcases and briefcases. Sleek design, with a black and red calfskin strap and a simple loophole. Also suitable for keeping your ZGP participation ticket!


A beautiful black and off-white braided calfskin leather handbag, lined with calfskin, with an iconic metal latch.

Key Holder Mirror ZGP

Luxury key holder in black and off-white braided calfskin leather. It consists of a mirror, a dark metal ring and clip.

Key Holder

A simple yet classy key holder, with a black calfskin leather strap and an off-white calfskin leather backing, with a chrome ring and a magnetic clip.

ZGP Key Ring Red

Smooth calfskin keyring in traditional Zoute Grand Prix red and black. The matching accessory for your old timer keys, as well as a very fine souvenir of an unforgettable, exquisite event.

Key Holder Mirror

Sophisticated key holder with framed mirror. Manufactured out of the finest calfskin in traditional ZGP colours. Ideal for keeping vintage or old timer car keys, and practical at all times.